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Darwin Falls Rd.

This beautiful,and I do mean beautiful  hike starts after a bumpy 2 mile drive on Darwin Falls Rd. The marked trailhead holds about 10 cars.


Darwin Wash

From the parking lot continue past the information board and up the wash. The dry creek bed is littered with debris  from past flash floods so check the weather before  entering the wash. 


Entering the oasis

About three quarters of a mile up the wash the green begins to appear and the riparian habitat  reveals itself. The canyon narrows and soon enough you’ll  find yourself crossing creeks and jumping boulders.


Riparian habitat in the desert, Darwin Creek

Darwin Creek reveals more of  itself the closer you get and the sound of the flowing creek becomes louder


Darwin Creek

Small cascades lure you closer and gushing sounds of lower Darwin Falls motivate you to pick up the pace. After some creek crossings and a little bush whacking, you arrive to one of, if not  the best features in Death Valley National  Park.


Beautiful Lower Darwin Falls

Beautiful  Lower Darwin Falls. Upper falls and a beautiful fern gully sit above the lower falls. To access it you have to climb up on the left of the cliff face. Use extreme  caution if you decide to do this. I saw a few people  heading up but didn’t go because  I had my daughter with me.

Trail difficulty – Easy
2 Mile out and back
● 20 ft waterfall
● Riparian habitat
● Bird watching
● Wildlife viewing

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Darwin Falls Trailhead