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Eaton Canyon is one of those places that is tucked away right beneath our noses. It is literally a few blocks from the freeway. Making it a great place for a quick day hike.

Eaton Canyon Waterfall is located in Pasadena, Ca and is a beautiful sight! Much like other waterfalls located in the San Gabriel Mountains. The waterfall itself is 50 ft with a large pool at its base. It is at the end of a 1.5 mile trail that begins at the parking lot of the Eaton Canyon Nature Center. Parking here is free of charge.

With a total Elevation gain of about 400 ft in 1.5 miles this hike is good for people of all ages. The first mile is on a dirt trail until you reach the Mt Wilson Toll Bridge. As u pass under the bridge you will soon notice the creek on the left hand side, there are a couple small pools here, this a great spot to take some pictures and enjoy the scenery.

The remainder .5 miles is in a narrow part of the canyon and consists of creek crossings and some rock scrambling so be careful on this last part.

There are a few side trails that branch off from the main trail. STAY ON THE MAIN TRAIL!!! Eaton Canyon has been the subject of multiple deaths this year News Link. the easiest way to get lost or seriously injured is by venturing off the main trail.

This is a popular hike so it does get crowded. Get there early if possible.

• 50 ft Waterfall
• 3 mile round trip
• Difficulty- Easy
• Free Parking
• 400 ft elevation gain
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Happy Trails,
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