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Mary Jane Falls… WOW!
This is probably the best hike I’ve been on so far for one reason and one reason only, the location!

Located 40 minutes north of the Las Vegas Strip there is a hidden paradise. A place that is overshadowed by the towering hotels and casinos. This amazing oasis is located in the Spring Mountains of southern Nevada.

This isolated adventure begins way before you reach the Mary Jane Falls Trailhead. As you leave the city in your rear view you will soon be driving down a one lane highway with amazing rockscape on either side. The scenery changes drastically in a matter of seconds. You will find yourself driving along a pine and campground filled highway (reminded me of the San Bernardino national Forest)

Now this is where the fun begins. Once you have parked you will notice the trailhead sign and the trail directly behind it. The first 1/3 mile is at a slight incline along a rocky trail. you will soon reach a sign that reads “trail” at the base of the switchbacks. (At this point I took some time to let my lungs adjust to the elevation before continuing) on the trail up the switchbacks you will see towering Ponderosa Pines, White fur and Aspen trees in the canyon below.

As you reach the top of the switchbacks you have an amazing view of Kyle Canyon and the canyon walls and you suddenly realize that you are 9,000+ ft above sea level. Such and amazing feeling.

When you reach the falls you will be in awe at the height of these natural wonders. The view is amazing! There are 2 caves, 3 waterfalls and a view of Big Falls, which is across the canyon.

I can’t wait till my next trip to Vegas. This is a must do hike. It is great for kids, dogs and adults.

The best part of this hike is that the temperature is 20-25 degrees cooler than in the LV valley. Excellent for hiking in the summer.

Happy Trails,
Alex G

•1000 ft elevation gain
•3 miles round trip
•free parking